Worship is at the heart of the Christian faith. It is a relational 24/7 activity with God that pervades the whole of our lives, not just an hour or two a week. At ChristChurch we believe worship is central to all we do, and so we endeavour to worship with integrity. It must be sincere, but also enjoyable, heartfelt and real. God is good, and we want to be a thankful community that responds to his goodness towards us.

Worship is corporately expressed when we gather as a community in congregations (large groups) as well as in homes and small groups. These gatherings contain various elements including practical teaching from the Bible, prayer (speaking to God) and sung worship. As a charismatic evangelical Anglican church we embrace a diversity of worship styles.

Our music is predominantly contemporary in style and led by a number of bands. They draw on material from a palette of the most recent worship songs through to well known traditional hymns. In our gatherings, we seek to tangibly encounter God in a way that allows him space to speak and minister to us through his word (the Bible) and the power and gifts of his Spirit.

As a Christian community, we are Trinitarian in our worship. We worship the one true God who is revealed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit – one God in three persons. (And yes, it is both a mystery and hard to understand). That mystery of who God is though is what we are exploring and continually discovering more of, as we worship throughout our whole lives. Getting to know creator God who is infinitely bigger than us is an adventure, and certainly not a boring activity.

As an Anglican church we informally use Common Worship liturgy once a month in our Sunday 9:15am, 11am and 7pm services, which are also contemporary in style. These communion services focus especially on what Jesus Christ did for us in his death and resurrection. Our 8am service is a weekly spoken Common Worship liturgy. We also hold a BCP (1662 Book of Common Prayer) service each Tuesday at 11am.


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