Men's Ministry


Who are we?
We are men of God committed to building relationships both within the church and outside.
Main Goal
To bring more men to God through various activities and building strong relationships with other men from all backgrounds and cultures.
Through various activities throughout the year including:
Monthly Breakfast: 1st Saturday of each month at Wetherspoons.
Who Let the Dads Out?: 2nd Saturday of each month at church, a morning of fun including bouncy castle, toys, drinks and bacon sandwiches for dads and male carers of 6 and under.
Monthly Drinks: We try and meet at a local pub for an evening of drinks and righting the world’s wrong’s.
Plus various other events including helping those in need (Besom, homeless etc), golf days, conferences and much more.
To find out more either register for our monthly newsletter or contact us via ccwmen@outlook also follow us on Facebook or Twitter @ccwmen1.


Lynette Yeshwant, 21/02/2014