20s and 30s


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The 20s & 30s(ish) network is to help Christians in this age-range meet, build friendships and a sense of community in a church that is growing ever larger. We publish a programme of some planned events and encourage people to join the e-mail list and organise extra ad-hoc activities.  In order to be as inclusive as possible, many activities are free to attend, such as going on walks or watching a DVD at someone’s house. We also regularly do pub quizzes, go bowling or just meet up to eat / BBQ together at home or occasionally at a restaurant.

We really encourage everyone to join one of the church pastorates too, to meet and build friendships.  Our 20s/30s programme is to supplement these by offering more social events and enabling you to meet a wider range of people.

Most (but not all) of those who participate in 20s&30s social events attend the SixThirty service at ChristChurch, which has a style of worship aimed at this age-group.

To join the e-mail list or get a copy of the current 20s&30s programme, please talk to the Welcome team or the Church Bookshop, or download the programme as a PDF file.

The steering team for 20s & 30s activities is Lucy Smith, Pete Hall,  Andrea Power and  Tim Mayne but we really encourage everyone to take part in suggesting and organising events.










Click here to download our latest programme of events.