Children's Ministry


 gener8 for the 0 -3 years

Sunday morning at 10am in the TwelveThirty Cafe and The Octagon (1st Floor)
Gener8 is a place where parents feel happy to leave their children in a stimulating and safe environment in which they are blessed and surrounded by God's truth. It also offers a sanctuary for new parents just to "be". Gerner8 is split into 3 groups: 0-1yrs and 1-2 yrs in the Cafe area, and 2-3yrs in The Octagon

celebr8 for 3 - 4 year olds and Reception Year

Sunday morning at 10am in The Gallery (2nd Floor)
In a fun and nurturing environment we teach the children about how much God loves them. We teach the children about how God is their friend and that God says children are important.

 activ8 for Primary School children - Years 1 & 2

motiv8 for Primary School children - Years 3 & 4


Area 56 for Primary School children - Years 5 & 6


Sunday morning from 10am at the Skylight, Youth Room and Lighthouse

Activ8, Motiv8 and Area 56 are a fun and safe environment where children learn: to worship God in different creative ways; hear God and know that He wants to talk to them; the truth about how God made them and wants to be their friend forever; that God gives them gifts; how to share the joy of Christ with friends. This group meets in the Lighthouse building close to the church. If you are new there will be someone in church to help you find your way and settle your children in.

Kids' Hub   for Year 5 & 6 children

Tuesdays at 6pm in the Youth Room

In Kids' Hub the older children have the opportunity to grow as disciples and learn to live out their lives in the values: intimacy - loving God; integrity - living right; involvement - loving others. They join the Youth in worship and learn to make the transition to Re:Root/Route.



Wednesdays at 10am-11:30am & 1pm-2.30pm for families with pre-school children

Sunbeams is a Toddler Group which offers a haven to non-church going families where they can experience God's love through friendship and fun. We provide coffee and chat for the grown ups, lots of fun toys, craft activities, stories and songs for the children.

Puppet Ministry

At 10am service and special events

Puppet Ministry aims to bring the word of God to the people of Woking through puppets in a fun, contempory and accessible medium.


Children and their families, from whatever background, are welcome to come and see what goes on at Christ Church.
They will learn what it means to be in a church family that lives out it’s faith, where they feel valued for who they are and that it’s OK to make mistakes.

The Children’s Ministry aims to give the children faith foundations for the rest of their lives. These foundations will prepare them for life’s battles and set them free to fly beyond our wildest expectations.

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Childrens' Ministry happens on Sundays

at 10 am

Gener8: 0–3 years
Celebr8: 3–4 years
Activ8, Motiv8 & Area 56: Primary school age children


at 6pm

Kids Hub: Year 5 & 6 children


at 10am and 1pm
Sunbeams Toddler Group.


Childrens' Ministry Team

Childrens' Pastor

Zoe Ferret


Childrens' Ministry Leadership Team

Gener8 Church: Hannah Roberts

Celebr8 Church: Jason Napier

Years 1-6 Church: Zoe Ferret 

Kids' Hub: Zoe Ferret

Assistant Children's Pastor: Hannah Roberts

Puppet Ministry: Debbie Osborne

Krazee Kids Puppets: Debbie Osborne

Sunbeams: Claire Davies & Ellen McLean

Who Let The Dads Out??? Andrew Humphreys (Please click here for more information)