Terms & Conditions



Conferencing Terms and Conditions 2015

Updated February 2015


1. Booking & Payment Terms
a. All bookings are provisional until confirmed by the Client by either signing and returning the booking form or confirming acceptance by e-mail. The Booking Form is then an agreement between The Client and the venue of the accommodation hired and services to be provided by the venue.
b. A deposit of 30% of the total booking may be requested at the booking stage, you will be notified if this is required. Occasionally we may request full payment up front to secure the booking.
c. The Client will be invoiced shortly after the event, with payment in full required within 28 days of invoice date.

2. Cancellation & Amendment Procedure
a. Any alterations to your booking details as recorded on the booking form must be made in writing no later than 2 working days before your event. Any requests to make changes are subject to approval by Christ Church and are subject to availability.
b. Cancellations must be made in writing or by e-mail, and cancellation charges apply as follows for both Catering and Room booking arrangements:
i. Less than one calendar months notice before your event date: a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total Catering, or Room / Equipment Hire or both as applicable, as given on your booking form.
ii. Less than Seven Working days notice before your event date: a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the total Catering, or Room / Equipment Hire or both as applicable as given on your booking form.

3. General Conditions
The following Terms and Conditions have been carefully drawn up from many years of experience for the well being, safety and security of all:
a) No smoking in any part of the building, including the toilets.
b) No balloons in any part of the building (due to hazards from latex).
c) No open flames or cooking in the serveries or building.
d) No process which will generate smoke, dust, mists, gases or vapours.
e) No consumption of alcohol, except by prior agreement. We do not have a license for the sale of alcohol.
f) No pets with the exception of Guide Dogs accompanying their charge.
g) No supermarket shopping trolleys except by prior arrangement.
h) No fastenings of any sort, in particular sellotape, blue tack, or similar adhesive to any walls, ceilings, woodwork.
i) No alterations to lighting, wiring or other fittings or equipment supplied or set up by us.
j) Hirers must not prop open or obstruct any of the Fire Doors marked “Fire Door - Keep Shut”.
k) No items containing latex (e.g. latex gloves) may be brought into any part of the building.
l) The person responsible for booking and running the event must be over 18 years of age.
m) The Client agrees to indemnify Christ Church P.C.C, its officers and employees against any liability whatsoever arising from the booked event. This will include any damage to premises or furniture or equipment. The client should have their own insurance cover and may be asked to disclose this before the event to verify this liability.
n) The client must maintain clear access in the corridors and fire exits.
o) Group Leaders must brief their attendees at the start of your event on fire exits, toilet locations and access and egress arrangements. Please note point 8 below regarding fire evacuation responsibilities.
p) We will prepare your room in advance in accordance with the details on your booking form. Hirers are free to make subsequent alterations to the layout and equipment, however this is then at your own risk and responsibility.
q) We own sole catering rights and therefore no food/drink supplied by outside caterers may be brought into the building.
r) Rooms are hired inclusive of any stored furniture and equipment, even if not required by the hirer, and it must not be removed from the room on the day of hire.
s) Advertising materials such as posters can only be displayed by approval of the Centre Management before the event. They must not be placed in the Bookshop or Beacon Café areas.

Please note: ChristChurch reserves the right to cancel any booking if we judge that the planned event will promote values that are inconsistent with Christian teaching, or be of an unsuitable nature for a church environment. In such cases, Christ Church’s liability will be limited to re-imbursement of any payments already made.

4. Area Hired and Hire period
a. The Client and members of their group must confine their activities to the rooms hired on the booking form, and must not set up displays or conduct break out meetings in other areas such as corridors, kitchens or other rooms.
b. The Hire period is as stated on the booking form, and includes any setting up, rehearsal and clearing away time required by the client. The Client must ensure the room is vacated promptly as it may be required immediately after. Where this is not the case, the venue will charge an additional fee of 150% of the hourly rate per part hour of extra time.
c. The Client is advised to make such checks and inspections which they deem necessary to satisfy themselves that the area hired is suitable and fit for the purpose they require.
d. No item such as furniture, electrical equipment, instruments, materials etc may be delivered to the room hired before the start of the booked time, except by prior agreement with either the Conference Administrator or Centre Manager.

5. Access Arrangements
a. Daytime - Access and egress to the venue will be via the main entrance located at our bookshop between the hours of 9am and 5.00pm. Event organisers may arrive from 8.30am to set up by calling at the South Entrance.
b. Evening – Access and Egress will be via the South Entrance with entry gained by ringing the bell. Access via the main entrance (through the bookshop) can be arranged at booking, for example if you have wheelchair users attending your event. However this will incur an extra charge of £40 to enable that area to be staffed for security. It may not be possible to arrange after the booking has been confirmed.

6. Vehicle Access and Parking
Due to limited space, parking facilities are not part of the hire arrangement. Hirers may use the loading bay by the back door if it is available temporarily for loading and unloading only at the start and end of hire period, but cars must be removed to public parking during hire period. Parking is available at the nearby Peacocks or Victoria Way car parks, maps are available on request.

7. Fire Regulations, Stewarding and Evacuation
a. Group Leaders are responsible for taking a register of their attendees at the start of your event, and ensuring all members of their group are evacuated and accounted for in an emergency evacuation. They will be required to report this and produce a list of their group to the centre Manager or Fire Officer at the evacuation point. It is the hirer’s responsibility to assist any disabled members of their party to safety. The lift must not be used in a fire evacuation, except, and strictly only by wheelchair users or any group members unable to use the stairs, in which case this must be communicated to either the Conferencing Administrator or the Building Duty Manager before the event or on arrival.
b. Fire evacuation information will be available in the room hired or prior if requested.
c. The client must maintain clear access in the corridors and fire exits and not prop open or obstrust any of the Fire Doors marked "Fire Door - Keep Shut"
d. The following maximum capacities, governed by the fire regulations, including organisers, leaders and performers must not be exceeded:
i. Church Nave – 300
ii. The Gallery – 100
iii. The Skylight – 60
iv. The Octagon – 50
v. The Forum - 30

8. Sound and PA System
a. The Church Sound and PA system in the Nave is not part of the Conferencing hire agreement, and must not be operated by groups external to Christ Church, other than where a special exception has been approved in writing or e-mail, in advance by Christ Church. In this case it may be necessary for Christ Church to hire additional staff to set up and operate or supervise use of the System, and any costs associated with the hiring of Sound and Audio Visual Operators will be invoiced to the client.
b. It may be possible for events, such as Concerts, AGMs or Conferences using the Nave to make use of the sound system for simple speech amplification and use of the hearing loop without the need for a sound operator, whereby we will set this up in advance for an additional fixed fee in accordance with our current tariff.
c. For events wishing to make fuller use of the Sound and Audio Visual facilities (including use of the projectors and screens) we will require to provide a trained sound technician for the duration of your evening, for which there will be an extra fee to be arranged. Should this be the case, it is not possible to make any alteration to the set up of the hardware – speakers, amplifiers, etc.

9. Music in Rooms
a. Hirers wishing to use copyright music over which they do not hold the rights must inform us in advance. We hold limited licenses for the performance of such music in the building. If supplementary licenses are required, at least 60 days notice will be required and a supplementary charge will be made. If this is not complied with, Hirers will be invoiced for the cost of any penalties levied on us.
b. Clients must keep music volumes at a level they are not audible outside the room hired. Any music in rooms, whether from live instruments or recorded, must be agreed in advance with the Centre Management.

10. Storage of The Client’s Property
We are unable to provide storage for Hirer’s property, which must therefore be removed at the end of the hire period. If, occasionally, prior agreement is made to store the property of a hirer (for example overnight) this is carried out at the hirers own risk and will not be covered by our insurance. Whilst Christ Church would Endeavour to secure the property as best as possible, we will not be liable for any loss or damage to the property.

11. Refreshments
a. The “Instant Refreshment” service includes an urn of hot water, milk, fair trade tea bags , instant coffee, sugar sticks and poly cups set out for you in advance of your meeting, as requested on your booking form.
b. Servery Only: Groups using The Skylight and The Gallery on the 2nd floor may also book use of the second floor kitchen / Servery, which will also be used by other groups and Christ Church staff during the day. The first floor kitchen is only for staff use.
c. Self Service Groups should not make use of any of the china or crockery contained within the kitchen, since this is required for clients booking the catering services.
d. Beacon Café Conference Refreshments & Lunches will be ordered in advance on your booking form and prepared and delivered by the Beacon Café to your room at the time arranged. Any alterations to the details booked must be made no later than two working days before your event.
e. Beacon Café Daily Delegate Package will be ordered in advance on your booking form and prepared and delivered by the Beacon Café to your room at the time arranged, and served by Beacon Café staff.

12. Alcohol & Entertainment
a. Alcohol - We are a fully licensed premises and do not permit the sale of alcohol. Groups may supply alcohol to their attendees free of charge, provided there is no entrance admission for their event. However this must firstly be agreed and authorised by the Centre Management.
b. Entertainment – Entertainment events are allowed only in The Nave and not in any of the meeting rooms for licensing purposes.

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APPENDIX: Supplementary Conditions for Specialist Groups
1. Concerts, Performances and Entertainment
a. Stewarding - For some Concerts, Performances and Entertainment events, the client may be asked to provide a team of stewards to assist the Christ Church Duty Manager at the event. Their duties will be to
I. Assist those in attendance to safety and check designated areas of the building in an evacuation.
II. Steward the event in order to maintain security of the building, occupants and contents.
III. We will provide a stewarding plan which the client must staff and follow. Should the client be unable to provide the required number of stewards on the day of the event, we reserve the right to cancel the event without any further notice or liability on our part.
b. First Aid - The Client is responsible for providing a steward or official to act as First Aid Co-ordinator. Ideally, the official should be a qualified first Aider, but may otherwise be a responsible official who can take charge in a first aid emergency, and they must complete the accident book in the event of an incident. The organiser should identify this person to the Christ Church Duty Manager at the start of the event, to familiarise themselves as to the whereabouts of the First Aid kit and accident book.
c. PRS Liability - Hirers putting on a concert or performance to the public will be subject to additional fees levied on us by the Performing Rights Society (PRS). There is a separate and additional PRS tariff to the venue hire charge, details of which can be given at booking.
d. Where The Client charges admittance of over £5 to their event, PRS levy a % fee on your net ticket sales, and you must advise us of your net ticket sales within 48 hours of your event for our return to the PRS, as they levy % fee on this. Failure to advise ticket sales may result in PRS charging the maximum fee, for which you would be invoiced. Where tickets are less than £5, the PRS levy is covered by a fixed fee based on attendance, and the hirer can book for up to 175 seats or 300 seats.
e. The maximum capacity of the Nave authorised by the Fire Safety Officer is 300 including audience, performers, stewards and organisers, and groups must not exceed this, except by exceptional agreement by the Centre Management where special measures have been agreed.
f. Beacon café area (in front of folding doors) - Hire of the Nave does not include use of the Beacon Café area, other than for walking through to the Nave, unless this has been specifically agreed and booked and is included on your booking form. The furniture in the café must not be touched or altered in any way.

2. Market Research
a. All market Research companies booking our facilities must be members of the Market Research Society, and follow their code of conduct at all times.
b. Canvassing and recruiting clients is not permitted within any part of our building, or within 8 meters of any entrance.
c. Wolsey Place Shopping Centre immediately opposite our main entrance does not permit any market research canvassing and recruiting either inside their centre or outside it under the covered area.
d. Researchers must abide by Woking Borough Council’s Regulations placing a maximum limit of six researchers canvassing in the town at any one time. The permitted locations to stand and recruit clients are: The Church Path and Mercia Walk.
e. Your clients must be interviewed in your hired room, not in any corridor or entrance or other area of the building.
f. Researchers must accompany their clients through the building to and from your hired room, and must not allow them access to other parts of the building. Researchers are responsible for their clients in a fire evacuation and must assist and ensure they safely evacuate the building in an evacuation situation and are fully accounted for.
g. If you require bringing in any plant or equipment such as fridges or microwaves, these must be cleared with the Centre Manager before the day to check available and safe space and power available. All equipment must be PAT Tested with certified proof.

3. Exhibitions
Special care must be taken by the hirer to ensure the art on display is of a suitable nature for a church environment. We reserve the right at any time to ask for any art we judge to be unsuitable to be withdrawn from the exhibition. Please note the room is hired inclusive of stored furniture, equipment and tables, which cannot be removed on the day of hire.

4. Dramas and Plays
Special care must be taken by the hirer to ensure the script is of a suitable nature for a church environment. In particular, there must be no blasphemous, swearing, racist, slanderous or distasteful content, and ChristChurch will need to see a copy of the script in advance. We reserve the right at any time to ask for any parts of a script we judge to be unsuitable to be withdrawn from the performance.

5. Events involving Children, Vulnerable Adults or people under the age of 18
a. All Hirers and organisers must be aged 18 years or over.
b. Any events involving children, vulnerable adults  or those under the age of 18 must provide suitable and appropriate adult supervision at all times.
c. The group leader will be fully responsible for ensuring that the appropriate children’s statutes and Child Protection requirements are fully met.
d. We will require seeing a valid copy of the hirer's public liability insurance covering the time of the hired event for a minumum £1,000,000 before the event takes place.
e. We will require written confirmation from the hirer that you have a Child Proptection Policy and use the Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure Service.

6. Private Parties
Christ Church and its facilities are not available to the general public for private parties. Church members may book The Gallery for Private parties subject to the following conditions:I. The Organiser must take full responsibility (or provide a designated person approved by the Centre Manager) for setting up and clearing up.
II. The Organiser must take full responsibility (or provide a designated person approved by the Centre Manager) for the security of the building and it’s contents including opening up and locking up and must agree with the Centre Manager arrangements for access and keys.
III. No balloons are allowed in any part of the building.
IV. No fastening (e.g. sellotape, blue-tack, drawing pins, duck tape) to the walls or woodwork.
V. Arrangements concerning alcohol and music must be discussed and agreed with Room Hire Officer or Centre Manager first due to licensing law implications.

7. Insurance
a. Any indemnities provided by our insurances provide an indemnity to Christ Church as property owner is we are held legally liable for accidental bodily injury to members of the publis or accidental damage to their property whilst the premises are being hired. Please note this does not extend to indemnity liabilities incurred by external organisations or individuals hiring the premises.
b. External organisations and private individuals hiring the premises are advised to check their own insurance to ensure their public liability cover will extend to include any liabilities they incur through their activity during the hire.
c. Organisations and individuals hiring the premises for the following activities will be required to provide a valid copy of their Public Liability Insurance covering the time of the hired event, for a minimum £1,000,000 before the right to cancel the hire at no further notice. These activities include:
i. Any event involving physical activity e.g sport, exercise classes, dance groups etc.
ii. Any event involving children or vulnerable adults.
iii. Any event involving giving advice or recommendations.