Story and Vision


Meeting Friends, Enjoying God, Living Life Better 

Christ Church was planted from St John’s Church in 1893 so that the people in the growing town of Woking could have a place to worship in. In the early 1990’s the town centre moved to our doorstep giving us an extraordinary location and unparalleled opportunities for God’s work. At the same time the building was
reconfigured giving us superb facilities to fulfil our calling. In the last 5 years things have moved on in the life of the church too: Alpha courses, Marriage courses, a Youth Congregation, a £400k refurbishment including a new  bookshop, launch of Besom, partnering with Christians Against Poverty to offer Debt Counselling, a relaunched 7pm service, youth mission teams abroad and fortnightly pastorates which meet in people's homes in the local area. Not to mention people coming to faith and lives being changed for the better.

Our Vision


At Christ Church, above all else, we want to honour Jesus by the way that we live life. We have a simple phrase that sums this up:


"We want to be more like Jesus, do more like Jesus and lead more to Jesus."


God has put us on this earth for a purpose. We yearn to fulfil that purpose for his glory. Jesus lived a life that demonstrated this wonderfully and perfectly. He was totally obedient and faithful to his Father in Heaven and everything he did flowed from this perfect relationship. We desire 'to be more like Jesus' - so we too can experience a restored relationship with God.  We believe that the work Jesus started (which is recorded in the Gospels) continues with us the local church. With this in mind we want to, 'do more like Jesus'. Ultimately this means continuing to share the good news of Jesus with Woking and beyond.  We want to, 'lead more to Jesus' because we are convinced that he is the only one who can bring restoration and wholeness to our lives. Jesus alone has the power and love to forgive our sin and rebellion. He has destroyed death

his gift to us is everlasting life. This is why we want, 'to be more like Jesus, do more like Jesus, and lead more to Jesus'.


Our Ethos


to be more like Jesus 

to do more like Jesus

to lead more to Jesus

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