We take the safety of children and vulnerable adults seriously.

If you believe that someone is in immediate danger, you should phone the police on 999.

To report suspicions or concerns to ChristChurch leaders, you should contact any of the following as appropriate  :-

  • the Vicar – Rev. Peter Harwood,
  • the Associate Vicar – Rev. Andy Reid, 
  • the Children’s Safeguarding Officer – Rachel Allen
  • the Vulnerable Adults’ Safeguarding Officer – Sarah Goddard
Volunteers serving in the Children’s Ministry may escalate concerns to
  • the Children’s Pastor – Zoe Ferret
Volunteers serving with the youth team may escalate concerns to
  • the Youth Pastor – Pete Allen.

To contact any of these people,  phone the church on  01483 740897  or use either of these e-mail addresses  :-

If you feel it is more appropriate, you may escalate concerns directly to  the Guildford Diocese Safeguarding team :-

Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse affects 1 in 5 adults (men or women)  in this country at some point in their lives. If you are struggling with this, you can discuss it with any of the church team listed above and your concerns will be treated seriously. However we do recommend that you speak to the Surrey Against Domestic Abuse Helpline on  01483 776822  or look at their website




Sarah Goddard, 25/01/2017