CAP Money Management

CAP Money is a course for anyone who would like to get their finances under better control. Over 3 evenings, it teaches you a proven method for controlling your spending and saving for the future.

You are helped to analyse your income and your spending but you don't have to share your information with anyone else. You will get ideas on how to save more and how best to pay off debts if you have them.

The Course Material has been developed by Christians Against Poverty a national debt counselling charity which has an office in Christ Church.

Who should attend ?

Anyone may attend and you don't need to be a church-goer. You may have lots of money, just enough or have debts - this course can be applied whatever your situation.

We have had feedback from couples attending the course together that this was the first time they had discussed their finances together!

What should I expect ?

The evening will start with tea/coffee and by watching a video which will present the teaching for the session. Later in the evening you will split into smaller groups to discuss what has been taught, ask questions and in weeks 2 and 3, to discuss the 'homework'  that you have been asked to do.  (Don't worry - its not a lot !).  You will never have to share anything about your personal circumstances unless you want to.

If you would like a private discussion with one of the 'Money Coaches' or the church debt advisor, this can be arranged.

What does it cost ?

The course is completely free.

How long is the course and when does it start ?

The course is 3 sessions.  You need to attend all 3. 
Sessions are once a week. The next course will be in 2018.

To register your interest you can go to
or contact the CAPOffice at ChristChurch
or phone the church administrator on (01483) 397446




"CAP are unsurpassed when it comes to the debt help they give people across the country.  So why not invest a few hours to learn how to budget and to put in place a simple system, there’s nothing better to start you on the path to having more money in your pocket.”

Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert

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Sarah Goddard, 24/06/2009